Date Night | OOTN

Two outfits posts in one week!? What has gotten into you, Holly? I know,  I don’t usually post this much fashion content on my blog at one time; usually because I don’t buy that much clothing to parade around in on my blog in the first place! This week appears to be the exception!

If any of you have ever moved house, then you’ll know how tiresome it is! The dreaded emptying of cardboard boxes, moving of heavy furniture, and constant cleaning really takes a toll on your physical appearance. The house needs constant attention, almost like a newborn, which means that I’ve had zero time to put even a drop of foundation onto this face! After a few weeks, now that we’ve somewhat settled in, we decided that a date night was in order to celebrate all of our hard work. I seized the opportunity to glam myself up, even if it was just for on night.

I was very much living my best life, channelling my inner 90’s sass queen with this number. I paired this spotty H&M slip dress with a plain white, cropped tee for that authentic 90’s feel. I LOVE the beautiful, black lace at the bottom of the dress which added a more playful, sexy vibe. On this occasion, I opted for comfort over style for the footwear and paired the dress with my trusty white converse. To accessorise, I wore my favourite silver hoops and my Michael Kors cross-body bag. Perfecto!

It was nice breaking norms and having a mini, mid-week Cinderella moment. But you know how the story goes… when the clock struck midnight, I was transported back to my usual rags and rubber gloves. Typical. Oh well, It was nice while it lasted! Until next time!

With Love,

Summer ‘Plisse’ | OOTD

Even though summer is drawing to a close, I’m still clinging onto my summer wardrobe for dear life. What can I say; I’m in denial that winter is coming (pardon the GOT pun). This outfit has been my go-to outfit for style and comfort this summer. I feel that its one you can easily dress up or dress down depending on what your doing; whether your off out for dinner or running errands around town. Its perfect.

Plisse pants have been an absolute godsend for me this summer. Not only do they add a unique edge to your outfit through texture, they’re also super comfortable and easy to pull off. I picked this pair up from Topshop and have been wearing them non-stop this summer. I’ve loved styling them with a plain white tee and classic white converse. To dress this outfit up, I switch out my converse for block heel sandals and add on my favourite biker jacket.

Along with plisse pants, I’ve also been loving wearing backpacks this summer. They’re so much easier than lugging around a gigantic handbag This one i’m wearing is a Cath Kidston from a few years ago. Sadly she no longer sells it, but there are plenty more on the highstreet that are great dupes for it.

Summer – you’ve been good to us, I’ll be sad to see you go for another year, but I’m also super excited for the winter months that are ahead. We all know what that means…winter clothes shopping, of course!

With Love,

Life Update | Moving House, London, & New Blog Layout

Well this is novel! It feels like a lifetime ago since I sat down and had a proper catch-up with you. How have you been keeping? I’ve been super busy this past month; lets grab a cuppa and I’ll fill you in on whats been happening on my end.

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for just over a month on all of my social media accounts. Yes, that does mean that an entire calendar month has passed without me even glancing over my instagram feed *gasp*. Believe me; its not for lack of want. I’ve been dying to get back on my blog to carry on producing badass posts for you lovely bunch, but my part-time job as an adult has taken up the majority of my time right now. As well as adulting, I’ve been up to some pretty exciting things this month.

We’ve Moved!

After years of dating, me and my partner finally took the plunge and moved in together. It’s been a long time coming and something that we’ve been wishing and saving for for years. So needless to say, we’re over the moon that we’ve finally been able to make our little dream a reality. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions to say the least, but its all been worth it to watch out little home grow day by day. It’s definitely still a work in progress, like right now, I’m writing this while waiting for our new sofa to be delivered (yes, we’ve had nothing to sit on but the floor for the past month!).

The whole process, as joyful and exciting as it’s been, has also been terribly time-consuming. As well as literally not having any broadband in the new house, I’ve been too mentally and physically absorbed with packing, unpacking, and decorating the new house to even think about drafting up a post for A Sprig of Holly. And it makes me sad; its like I’ve abandoned my baby! But not to worry, I’m back now after settling in a little into the new house and it feels great.

Lincoln and London

As well as living in IKEA and Dunelm Mill while preparing for the new house, I’ve also done a bit of travelling with some of my favourite people. I visited Lincoln for a day (which is STUNNING btw) and London for a few nights with 3 of my friends. We ate, we drank, we shopped; what more could I have needed? It was nice taking a much-needed break away from all of the palava of moving and spending it with the people who make me feel almost normal (questionable, maybe?).

New Blog Layout!

The unintentional social media detox this month has had me thinking about what direction I want my blog and my brand to be moving in. After lots of thought and deliberation, I’ve completely revamped my website and I’m completely IN LOVE with it. Very much like my current living situation, it is definitely a work in progress. But right now, I’m so happy with how everything is looking and I’m feeling way more inspired and motivated (which is the feeling I’ve been craving all month).

Its so good to be back! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little catch-up, hopefully you wont have to wait too long to hear form me again! In the meantime, check out my social media links to keep up to date with what I’ve been up to. You can find them in the bar above this post.

With Love Always,

5 Minute Make-Up Using 6 Products

I’ll be honest with you: since starting a degree, getting a part-time job, and starting my own business, make-up just isn’t at the top of my priority list anymore. Oh, long were the days when I was at college 3 times a week and could spend at least an hour on my hair and make-up before starting my day at 1:30 in the afternoon. Nowadays, I’ll be lucky if I can get even 30 minutes to myself before starting my day!

Over the years, I’ve managed to condense my daily make-up routine down to the products that I know I cannot go without. These are the products that take minimal effort to apply and I know that when I slap them on everyday at 6:20am, they will always come out looking good.

Pixi Correction Concentrate

Dark circles are the bane of my life. I’ve always had them and always struggled to conceal them, so this Pixi corrector is a must for me. It dries to a semi-matte finish meaning that I don’t have to set it with powder, saving extra time in my routine. I can apply it to the areas that I need it and leave it alone for the day to work its magic. Perfect!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Because I suffer with frequent angry blemishes/borderline acne, covering up my spots and scarring is a must. I’m not saying that you should cover up blemishes if you have them, but covering mine up makes me feel more comfortable. I use the collection lasting perfection concealer because its badass at covering anything on your face. Huge angry pimple? Its no problem for this powerhouse. And whats more? Its only £4.

Anastasia Brow Definer

On a minimal make-up day, like today, I would only use this to lightly define the arch and tail of my brows. The latter half of my brows are pretty non-existent, so this product helps to bring them to life and create a bit more definition and shape.

Benefit ‘Gimmie Brow’ Tinted Brow Gel

This is by far one of my favourite make-up items in the entire make-up universe. I’ve been through bottles and bottles of the stuff because I’ve never found anything that compares to it. It works by taming your brows whilst filing them in with little, tiny fibres inside the gel. Its a one step wonder for making your brows fuller and more shapely.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in ‘Moonstone’

Very much like the Anastasia Brow Definer, I only use this product sparingly on a daily basis. As much as I would love to dust this all over my face and glow like a disco-ball everyday, somehow I’m not sure it would be socially acceptable. Instead, I pop a tiny bit of it on the corner of my eyes to wake them up and a tiny bit on my brow bone to lift my brows.

Giorgio Armani Mascara

Last but not least, mascara. Sometimes when I’m really in a rush, I don’t always use mascara. However, I really like this Armani one for using on a daily basis. The non-clumpy formula lifts my lashes, giving them tons of volume and thickness. The best part is that it isn’t waterproof, so after a long day at work, it comes off effortlessly with a regular make-up remover; It’s my go-to.

With Love,