72 Hours in Rome | Travel Guide

72 Hours in Rome | Travel Guide

Ciao Bella’s!

Come stai? I’m kidding. No Italian for this post, I promise. I must admit, it really sucks being back in overcast Manchester again. There’s no more 30 degree heat, no more ancient architecture, and worst of all, no more gelato stalls *gasps*. Because I’m having major withdrawal symptoms (from the city and from all the sugar), I’ll be stepping back in time, through our collection of photos, to our unforgettable three nights in the big city. I’m weeping already!


The way I see it, it really doesn’t matter where you stay in Rome. Location-wise, the majority of hotels/hostels/apartments are only a stone-throw away from all of the major attractions in the city centre. Plus your almost always 5 minutes away from a Metro station, giving you easy access to any part of the city at any time. Appearance-wise, that is all down to you and your personal taste. But you know what they say, when in Rome do as the Roman’s do!

We stayed in style at the hotel ‘Generator Rome’ for our three nights. This hotel/hostel was perfect for what we needed and more. We fell in love with their minimalist yet chic interior and atmosphere that they created for the guests. The location of the hotel was looking overlooking some awesome Roman ruins and the positioning of our room gave us the most perfect view of the sunrise in the morning. I’m emotional now thinking about how utterly perfect it was!


Although accommodation is key, its all about seeing the sites in Rome. Luckily, we were able to get around all the major tourist attractions in our three days there. This may seem like witchcraft to some who have already been there and seen the queues for the Colosseum and the Vatican Museum (which are on average 45 minutes long!). Those lines are some serious business. Our secret to seeing all of the top site in Rome in three days was PRE-BOOKING! Pre-booking tourist attraction tickets not only gave us a skip-the-line advantage, but they were also way cheaper online than buying them at the door on the day. Its a no-brainer!

My top must-see sites are definitely the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum, and the Roman Forum. These three sites give you The BEST insight into Rome’s history and truly take you on a trip back in time. You feel like a true ancient roman walking through the Roman Forum and drinking from the natural springs dotted generously around these attractions. There really is no place quite like it!


Italy is best known for its deliciously unique dishes and Rome is no exception. Rome was booming with restaurants and diners on literally every street corner. There was so much choice sometimes that it was getting harder and harder to settle on one restaurant. Luckily, we managed to tame our appetite and settle on some pretty awesome restaurants in the city.

Vineria Il Chanti

As is the case for many Italian restaurants, this gem was tucked way off the main high street. The exterior is what really drew us in with vines climbing up the brickwork, musicians playing sweet, Italian melodies outside, and comfortable, elegant seating beneath the sunset. What more could we ask for? We felt like we had walked straight into a 40’s Italian noir movie and I was so down for that!

Very much like the exterior, the food did not disappoint. We were served traditional Italian dishes, cooked to perfection, and accompanied by authentic Italian wine. I must admit, I was most excited to get my hands on some authentic wine while in Italy and BOY! was I  happy when I did. Expectations were fulfilled, I can assure you.

Al Calminetto

Now, if you go to Italy searching for that perfect pizzeria with home-cooked food by a traditional Italian family, then look no further! This one is the one to go to.

Here, we were served our first authentic Italian pizza and it was NOTHING like any other pizza I had ever had before. It was better! The dough was rolled unimaginably thin, yet somehow it held itself together perfectly. How do they do it?! All I know now is that after eating true, authentic pizza in Italy, my regular shop-bought Aldi number just won’t cut it anymore.

Pizzeria Leonardo

Pizzeria Leonardo is tucked away to the right hand side of the Spanish Steps at Spagna. I’m not going to lie, we were initially drawn into this place because it was piping hot in Rome on that day and they had one of those fancy, new-mangled sprinkler systems on the outside. Luckily, we enjoyed the food just as much as the cold water that was cooling us down.

The food was incredibly inexpensive considering it was in a prime tourist location in Rome, however the food was just as flavourful and just as high quality as anywhere else we had eaten that charged double what we paid here. We had a two course dinner, with wine (and a cheeky extra cocktail for dessert!) and it only came to the grand total of 37 Euros. An ideal restaurant for when your spent up from shopping in Spagna and want somewhere to dine on a budget and rest your feet (and your bank balance).


For me, shopping is a must in every city that I visit, but on this trip I didn’t do too much shopping. This time, I was in it for the architecture, the history, and more importantly the culture. The only real shopping destination that I visited while in Rome was the Piazza de Spagna.

This shopping haven is the Oxford Street of Rome. It is home to all of our beloved designer names such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc and houses them in style. The shops in this district go for miles, winding in and out of side streets and weaving their way back to the city centre. I can guarantee that there is something here for everybody.

Rome was good to us. We were so blessed to have the opportunity to visit such a fantastic city booming with culture and well-preserved historical landmarks. We cannot wait to return in the future.

With Love Always,

  • Everything looks so stunning! I don’t even know how you chose where to eat- I’d be obsessed with all the food lol

  • Everything looks so stunning! I don’t even know how you chose where to eat- I’d be obsessed with all the food lol

  • These pictures were very beautiful! Now I want to visit Rome as well. Mostly to try that ice cream

  • This is amazing! Italy has always been on my list of places to visit. Looks like you had a great trip! So many gorgeous pictures 🙂