Autumn Style ft Lindie’s Patch Accessories

Autumn Style ft Lindie’s Patch Accessories

I clearly couldn’t resist the Game of Thrones reference, could I? Especially after this season’s finale?! I’m definitely not over it yet and won’t be for a while! In other news, Its safe to say that my wardrobe is starting to come around to the idea that autumn is on its way. After all, there’s really no denying it. The leaves are falling, the air is getting colder, the nights are getting shorter; aaaah, bliss. One can only dream of the day when I can throw on my huge Parker coat and woollen hat again without dying of heat stroke!

As autumn isn’t in full swing yet, I’ve been keeping my outfits light but cosy-looking. Admittedly it’s not quite ‘sweater weather’ yet but I’ve started layering up my outfits to give them that autumnal vibe. For this, light-knit cardigans have been my go-to. This one from Gap is perfect. Its just your basic ‘girl next door’ knitted cardigan making it easy to throw on over any outfit and instantly look autumnal. I’ve loved pairing it with this white button-up shirt from H&M to add a more formal, preppy vibe to the outfit (which I’m all about).

Can we talk about these boots for a second though? Primark have definitely upped their shoe game for the autumn. These embroidered beauties come in at a mere £16 and are some of the comfiest boots I’ve owned from them. Like most of my clothing purchases recently, I saw these babies floating around on the inter-web and knew I needed to get myself to the nearest Primark and snap them up quickly before everybody else had the same idea!

For jewellery, I tried complimenting these very loud, embroidered boots with this gorgeous matching Rose Collar Clip from Lindie’s Patch. Collar clips are a piece that I’d never thought of incorporating into my outfits before, however it makes perfect sense considering the amount button-up shirts that I wear! The veridict? Collar clips are a serious game changer if you wear a lot off button up shirts like I do. They’re a great substitute for your average pendant necklace adding some extra pzazz to a pretty plain upper half. Plus: they don’t get tangled up or lost down the front of your shirt throughout the day! Winner!

All of Lindie’s collar clips are Handmade using 100% wool felt and your choice of silver or gold chain to attach them. These collar clips come in a wide range of colours and are all available on her website and Etsy shop. Alongside her collar clips, she also sells other handmade pieces such as necklaces and hair clips for special occasions. If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday or a wedding and are in need of some gorgeous statement jewellery pieces to add a more personal touch to an outfit, I’d highly recommend checking Lindie’s Patch out. I’ll leave a link below if your interested.

Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year and I’m already starting to kit out my wardrobe for the coming months.There are already so many great pieces out there that have been filling me with that autumn spirit, not to mention a good ole’ Pumpkin Spiced Latte (nice one Starbucks!). Sweater weather is closer than we think!

With Love

A HUGE thanks to Lindie over at Lindie’s Patch for kindly sending me some of her beautiful pieces to style. Check her store out at