Blogging Tips: How To Get Yourself Out of The ‘Blogging Funk’

Blogging Tips: How To Get Yourself Out of The ‘Blogging Funk’

We’ve ALL been there

To be totally honest with you, I’m there right now! I’ve only gone and caught the dreaded blogging funk this past month, haven’t I?

What is the blogging funk, I hear you ask?

Some of you lucky souls out there may have never experienced this and have zero idea what I’m droning on about; so let me explain. The Blogging Funk (AKA blogging slump, writers block, or mental brick-wall) is a phenomena categorised by lack of inspiration, lack of creative motivation, and ultimately resulting in lack of productivity. The condition claims millions of its creative entrepreneurs DAILY, and in most cases, it’s more frequent than the common cold! Its a real struggle, alright! Other symptoms of the condition include staying in your pyjamas all day, staring blankly at an empty blog post, and banging your head against your desk in hope of knocking some inspiration into there.

Sound Familiar? Then Listen Closely!

If I’m totally honest, I’ve been caught in the midst of the blogging funk since moving into my new house. The disruption of moving and adjusting to frequent new routines was enough to really knock me off my feet creatively. I began to notice this quite quickly and managed to do something about it. All of the tips I’m about to share with you worked for getting me back on the right track to success and productivity in my own work. Although there are TONS of blog posts out there with some pretty awesome ideas on how to stay motivated and increase productivity, honestly, I found many of them super impractical and not suited to my own needs. These are the tips, tried and tested, that really did the trick for me .

Stay Calm

First and foremost; stay calm! Its happens. Lacking inspiration and motivation to be creative can be a really frustrating feeling when all you want to do is create. It’s a constant dilemma and panicking about it won’t help you any further. Eliminating stress from the situation will help to keep your mind open and ready to absorb any inspiration that comes its way. Equally, with stress not occupying so much space in your thoughts, it leaves space in your mind for new and exciting ideas to blossom and grow even further. I know, I know, this is way harder to do when put into practice, but rest easy knowing that your creativity comes in waves. If your in a bit of a funk creatively now, then surely this means that some of your best work is on the horizon, right?

Take A Time Out

If your feeling uninspired and your work is taking a beating because of it, then step AWAY from the computer! Like I mentioned, our creativity can’t flourish while our minds are filled with stress and self-doubt. The best way I have found to increase my overall productivity and creativity, in terms of my blog, is to just take a time out to regroup and gather up my ideas. Not only will this do wonders for your creativity, but will also do wonders for your overall mental health too. I’ll be explaining this in much more detail in an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

Brainstorm Your Current Ideas

If your anything like myself than then you’ll know that the blogging funk is a real tyrant for suppressing the already-incredibly awesome blog post ideas that you had before getting into the funk. Because of your lack of motivation and drive to create, it makes writing top-notch posts a real chore. To get myself back into the right frame of mind, I like to go back to basics and jot down a little mind-map of my current ideas. Usually, one of two things will happen. 1. I’ll realise that I have WAY more ideas in the ole’ noggin’ than I thought I had and 2. one idea will lead onto another and soon enough, I’ll be up to my eyeballs in awesome content to get cracking with. It’s worth giving a try to help give yourself a bit of direction.

Uncover Your Driving Motivators 

And use them! I was recently listening to ‘How To Curate Your Life’ by Lizzie Evans (which is fantastic btw!). Her and her  guest speaker, Anna from ‘The Anna Edit’, were discussing their biggest inspirations for creating blog posts and it got me thinking about my own path to inspiration. Like Lizzie, to gain inspiration for my posts, I prefer to take my photos first before writing my content. Anna was the other way around. So really, It’s all about finding what works for you and rolling with it. Whenever I find myself stuck for ideas, I will just take out my camera, set up a good ole’ fashioned flatlay and start snapping away until something good slaps me in the face. Have a think about what works for you and trying that out for a while, who knows what inspiration will come to you.


Having a proper routine in place can do wonders for getting yourself into the right mindset to blog. Setting aside time each day or week (depending on your work schedule) really helps you to re-wire your brain back into creative-mode. I even have a little daily ritual that help get those creative juices flowing (I know, I hate that phrase too, but I had nothing else). For me, my little morning ritual to get me into the right mindset involves me getting a BIG cup of coffee, sitting at my dining room table, popping some headphones on, and listening to some uplifting, motivational music. You really can’t get anymore basic than that, can you? But it works ok! After I do this, my mind realises what its time for and switches itself over to creativity mode (or maybe that’s just the caffeine? Who knows). Jokes aside, this is a really powerful method of training your brain to respond to its surroundings. I get SO much more work done with a routine in place, you should try it out.

and lastly…

Just Get Started!

This can often be the hardest thing to do when your feeling unmotivated and uninspired by anything. But most of the time, once you get the ball rolling, it’s very hard to slow it down! Force yourself to get up, get at your computer and just start. Just start writing. It doesn’t matter what its about, whether its about a new beauty product you’ve been living for, your latest addition to your wardrobe, or even about your day. Anything can act as inspiration, so get that ball rolling and start seeking it out. Plus, you’ll feel a million times better than being a couch potato, am I right?

I hope if your in a bit of a blogging funk, like I was, that these tips will help you find a gateway out of it. Together we can beat the blogging funk, one sassy blog post at a time!

With Love,