Christmas Musings on Gift Giving

Christmas Musings on Gift Giving

Gift giving, especially during the holiday period, is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m a generous person by nature and get a real buzz from giving gifts to my loved ones. I love taking the time to hand select presents that I know they’re going to die for when they open them. Nothing brings me more joy than the look on their faces when they open a present that they didn’t expect or that they’ve been eyeing for ages. I love giving back to them.

And that’s what this season is all about. Not only to the ones that we hold dearly, but to the ones that don’t have somebody to hold dearly at this time of year. It’s a sad truth that not everybody will have family or friends to share the holidays with. These people may not share the same holiday spirit that others do and the mere thought of Christmas might make them wince. 

Another sad truth is that 2017 saw some unimaginable suffering all across the globe. And the suffering continues all around us daily. However it becomes more apparent during this time of year. A time when people come together and celebrate love, appreciation, and community is dampened by the horrors and loneliness created by people who hate.

The True Meaning of Christmas

At times like this, it’s important to remember what Christmas is all about. And I’m not talking about St. Nicholas and his flying reindeers. No, I’m talking about the true meaning behind the celebration. Behind the biblical references and the mythology of the man in the North Pole, what actions do we associate with Christmas? I know that I associate Christmas with the act of love, community, appreciation, respect, sharing, and support. It’s important not to forget these when shopping for your gifts this year.

Here are some things I think are worth considering when buying gifts for people during the holidays.

It’s Really Is the Thought That Counts

You hear this phrase floating around a lot during the holidays, and it’s so true. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift for somebody to show them how much you care. What should matter the most is the symbolism of the gift itself and who it has come from. The whole purpose of gift giving at Christmas is to show the people around us how much we care. The gift lets you know that you were in that person’s thought at this time of year, and that’s all that should matter.


It’s important that we appreciate the gifts that we receive. Sadly, there are adults and children scattered across the globe who won’t be receiving any gifts this year. I’m some cases, these people will be lucky if they get a meal and a bed to sleep in at Christmas. It’s so awful to think about. 

If you receive a gift this year that you know didn’t cost a lot of money or feel like not a lot of thought went into, just let it go. Don’t focus on the quality or cost of the item. Be grateful that you received this gift from somebody. The gift may not seem like much to you but I can guarantee that there will be somebody somewhere who would appreciate it more than we could ever imagine.

Don’t Go Broke Trying To Look Rich

We all like a bit of glitz and glam at Christmas. It’s a time for indulgence and splashing out on luxury items that we may not necessarily buy throughout the rest of the year. A treat yo’ self holiday, if you will. We may spend hundreds of pounds on food, alcohol, outfits, decorations, etc. All for one day a year!  Although I love leaving Christmas Day with a full tummy, I somehow always leave with an empty bank balance too!

It’s important to make sure that we celebrate within our means. Don’t bankrupt yourself over one day of the year. It’s really not worth it. As the saying goes: “Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind”. The people who matter in your life will understand your current financial situation and whether or not you have the cash to splash on fancy attire and luxurious gifts for everybody. Although marketing towards Christmas suggest otherwise, remember that you don’t need to impress anybody but yourself. 

Giving To Receive Is Wrong

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that gift giving often functions on the unwritten rule that the giver will also receive a gift in return. Think about it: when was the last time you gave a gift to somebody and got nothing in return? Or that last time you were given a gift and didn’t give them something back? I’m sure your struggling to think of a time like I am!

A gift is something that you give to another person as an act of good will and kindness. You give a gift because you want to, not because you expect anything in return. Or maybe that’s just me? If that’s the case, then it isn’t really a gift. It’s an exchange, right?

For some, money is scarce at this time of year and the people that we love may not always be able to provide us with gifts every year. It’s just how it is. If we give to receiver, does this mean that we shouldn’t give those people gifts on these occasions? No way! If anything, they probably the ones who need a gift the most! We don’t give to receive, we give out of love. 

Those are just a few things to bare in mind when giving gifts this year. Beyond the glitz and glam of the festive season, It’s important to remind ourselves what Christmas is really all about. 

Happy Holidays From My House to Yours