Outfit of The Day: ‘Date Night’

Outfit of The Day: ‘Date Night’

Two outfits posts in one week!? What has gotten into you, Holly? I know,  I don’t usually post this much fashion content on my blog at one time; usually because I don’t buy that much clothing to parade around in on my blog in the first place! This week appears to be the exception!

If any of you have ever moved house, then you’ll know how tiresome it is! The dreaded emptying of cardboard boxes, moving of heavy furniture, and constant cleaning really takes a toll on your physical appearance. The house needs constant attention, almost like a newborn, which means that I’ve had zero time to put even a drop of foundation onto this face! After a few weeks, now that we’ve somewhat settled in, we decided that a date night was in order to celebrate all of our hard work. I seized the opportunity to glam myself up, even if it was just for on night.

I was very much living my best life, channelling my inner 90’s sass queen with this number. I paired this spotty H&M slip dress with a plain white, cropped tee for that authentic 90’s feel. I LOVE the beautiful, black lace at the bottom of the dress which added a more playful, sexy vibe. On this occasion, I opted for comfort over style for the footwear and paired the dress with my trusty white converse. To accessorise, I wore my favourite silver hoops and my Michael Kors cross-body bag. Perfecto!

It was nice breaking norms and having a mini, mid-week Cinderella moment. But you know how the story goes… when the clock struck midnight, I was transported back to my usual rags and rubber gloves. Typical. Oh well, It was nice while it lasted! Until next time!

With Love,