December To-Do List

December To-Do List

How on earth have we reached December already? Who stole 2017? Another year is passing and there is still so much to do!

December is without a doubt my favourite month. It’s a month made for family, friends, and consuming copious amounts of chocolate and carbs. What more could anybody ask for? With only 31 days to celebrate and Christmas just around the corner, I’m never short of anything to do. Here’s a quick round-up of all the things I plan to get done during the month of December.

Visit London

There’s no denying the magic in London around Christmas time. Me and David make a effort to visit London every year in late November/December time to experience Christmas in the city. We love wandering around looking at the festive lights, window displays, and visiting our favourite shops exclusive to London. My absolute favourite place to visit in London during the holidays has to be Covent Garden. Don’t get me wrong, Covent Garden is stunning all year round, but it looks even more magical during Christmas time. Now that I have a far better camera than I did during last year’s visit, I’ll be taking some serious candid shots of the big city! I can’t wait!

Christmas Baking

When it comes to baking, I’m a bit of a novice. By this I mean that I can successfully stumble my way though a recipe and produce something semi-edible on the other side. But despite this, I’m still going to have a crack at baking something festive. What could possibly go wrong? Admittedly, I’ve never baked anything Christmas-related before (unless you can count putting together a pre-packed gingerbread house from ASDA?). So this should be an experience. You have to admit that can’t beat the smell of freshly baked sweet treats in the home around this time of year. That smell mixed in with the smell of a real Christmas tree is utter heaven. I’m hoping to bake a Christmas cake or some gingerbread men that me and David can work our way through over the month, that’s if there is any left once the rest of my family have their fill!

Re-Visit The Christmas Markets

I’ve already been to the Christmas Markets in Manchester this year but who says you can’t go again? The Christmas markets are a great way of getting yourself into the festive spirit if you’re feeling low on it. I just generally enjoy the atmosphere in the markets and really enjoy wandering around the stalls looking at the festive trinkets and nic-nacs on sale. The last time I visited I didn’t get the opportunity to try any of the mulled wine or ciders from the stalls, so that will be a main priority during my next visit! And what is a Christmas Market trip without a German Sausage? I’m vegetarian nowadays so I have to enjoy Bratwursts from afar. I’m sure there will be some veggie options somewhere (hopefully!). 

Visit Friends

Christmas is all about friends and family so I’m so excited to be able to visit mine. I’ll be travelling north to spend some quality time with two of my best friends from high school and I couldn’t be happier about it. We haven’t seen each other in a couple of months and I’m having major withdrawal symptoms so it will be a relief to finally catch up with them. While we’re together we’re planning on doing some much needed Christmas retail therapy, wining, dining, and most likely causing havoc! I’m counting down the days.

Plan January Content

Where my blog is concerned, I’m hoping to kick my butt into gear for 2018 and start planning content far in advance. I’ve already started to get into the habit of this during September to November but I really need to up my planning game for the year ahead. When I started my blog almost 1 year ago, I was basically writing posts whenever I felt like it. My blog was initially an outlet from university and home life so whenever I felt stressed or needed to take a break, I took my mind off it and produced something creative instead. However, over the past year, my outlet has slowly become a part-time job which makes me so happy to say. However like any other job, I need to be showing up consistently and giving it 110%. So during the month of December, I’ll be getting ahead of myself and slowly preparing for next year’s blog content. Future Holly will be thanking me for it in the long run.

What have you got planned for December?

  • Love this post, especially getting ahead for 2018 with blog content. I’m trying to organise myself and be ahead of my schedule, my future self will definitely be happy. Great post dear!

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline