Glossier Haul & First Impressions

Glossier Haul & First Impressions

 Glossier Has Arrived!

Its official: the 9th of October will forever be celebrated as a public holiday by Beuaty Bloggers across the UK. I’ll admit it, I was celebrating too after placing my order on Monday morning. I was even more excited when the packages arrived on Thursday; I don’t think I was ever this excited for Christmas! And lemme tell you, the excitement was unbearable ripping open the boxes and zipping open the infamous pink, bubble-wrapped bags. Glossier is FINALLY here!

As soon as the products were opened and photographed (obvs, for the gram), I just had to try them all out. There’s no denying that I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Before we knew it, I had baby-smooth skin and a full face of new make-up. Like many of us, I had seriously high expectations considering how highly these products were hyped in the last year, and boy, did they live up to the hype!

SPOILER ALERT: Not a single one of the products disappointed. No sir, I’ve fallen madly in love with Glossier and I ain’t ashamed to show it. Have a read about the products I picked up and what I think of them so far below.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

I’d heard SO many good thinks about this cleanser and how great it was for a basic, everyday face wash for all skin-types. So naturally, it was one of the first things I added to my basket.

It is and does what it says on the tin (its nice when that happens!). It’s a milky, jelly consistency cleanser that leaves your skin feeling ‘conditioned’ and super soft. I have super sensitive skin so it can be an absolute nightmare trying out a new cleanser. Its always a bit of a gamble on whether it’s going to break me out in hideous red blemishes or not (as is the case with many other cleansers I’ve tried). However, I was SUPER impressed when this one didn’t break me out at all.

Even through I wasn’t too crazy about the scent, I LOVED how soft and hydrated it made my skin feel after just one usage. It left my skin ‘comfortably cleansed’ unlike other ‘everyday’ cleansers that can leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. You know what I mean? If you have sensitive skin like me and are on the hunt for a gentle, everyday cleanser, then I’d definitely hit this one up. It’s a winner for me!

Super Pure Serum

I picked this up on Kate from Kate La Vie’s recommendation (that’s right, I blame Kate for all of my outrageous spending!). Super Pure is a serum targeted towards us blemish-prone people to help sooth and reduce redness while preventing those nasty face demons. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and I must say that am loving it so far.

The consistency is very much like water and sinks into the skin almost instantaneously. Once set, it leaves the skin smooth, semi-matte, and soft to the touch. Already I’ve noticed that the texture on my skin has decreased and my blemishes have down-sized a little which is always a plus! Let’s see if it continues to work its magic, fingers crossed!

Cloud Paint Blushes

Now onto the make-up, I picked up two of the infamous Cloud Paints in ‘Haze’ and ‘Puff’. Haze is a darker, plumish purple whereas Puff is a lighter, pale pink. Don’t faint, but this was my first time EVER using cream blushers. I know, I know, what rock have I been hiding under for the last few years?! But hear me out.

Because I’m an oily-skinned girl, any cream products had me running for the hills! The thought of voluntarily putting something onto my face that would accentuate my already glowing-with-grease face was frightening. I’m sure that all of you oily-skinned people can relate, right? However, I gave into the hype (and the rather attractive packaging) and decided to give them a whirl.

I must admit, they do look a bit frightening when you see the highly pigmented colour come put of the tube, but once they’re blended in on your cheeks they are nowhere near as garish as they may see. In fact they are the total opposite and add a gorgeous, naturally flushed look to your skin. They dry to a semi-matte finish and as a bonus, they didn’t accentuate any oil on my face. Instead, they gave me that healthy, ‘glowing from within’ look which I’m all about. A HUGE thumbs up of approval from this oily-skinned gal right here!

Phase 2 Set

I managed to get my hands on the ‘Phase 2’ make-up bundle which included 3 of Glossier’s most popular make-up products: Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and the Generation G Lipsticks. This was perfect for me as I had already planned to buy all of these products separately, however our good pals at Glossier had our backs and bundled them all together for a cheaper price – score!

Boy Brow

This little guy is my new BFF. Boy Brow is a tinted brow gel that fills in, colours, and corrects your eyebrows. You can use it on its own if you’re having a lazy make-up day (like me everyday) or to set your eyebrows once you’ve made the extra effort and filled them in. I picked mine up in the shade ‘Brown and it was a perfect colour match for me.

The coverage is amazing and it does a brilliant job at making my brows look fuller and more ‘put together’. I was a huge fan of the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’, but Boy Brow blows this one right out of the water! Move over boys, there’s a new kid on the block. Oh, and did I mention that its cheaper too?

Stretch Concealer

I was in need of a new, good quality concealer and Anna from ‘The Anna Edit‘ and Lily at ‘Lily Pebbles‘ have raved about this one for the past year or so. And let’s be real: if Anna and Lily recommend a product then it HAS to be worth every penny!

The concealer has the same consistency as butter and melts into the skin beautifully. I opted for the colour ‘Light 10’ but was unsure about the colour match, however it was a perfect match for my skin tone. It’s not overly pigmented so it works perfectly as an all-round, multi-purpose concealer compared other concealers targeted towards specific areas such as our under-eyes. Because of its creamy consistency, It can be easily built up for fuller coverage without the hassle of it caking. Like most fo the products I’ve tried from Glossier, it dries to a semi-matte finish and doesn’t budge throughout the day. It’s basically a godsend in a glass jar; you have to try it to believe it. I’m already so in love with it.

Generation G Lipstick

Lipsticks are a true love of mine, so any opportunity to try out a new one is welcomed with pursed lips! This one didn’t disappoint. I chose the shade ‘Cake’ which is a orangy, brown-ish nude. Orangey nudes aren’t usually the nudes that I go for (ha!), but when I saw the swatches of this colour and how sheer it was, I knew It was one that I’d be able to pull it off.

These lipsticks are satin/matte in formula and are incredibly sheer on the lips. From the tube, the lipsticks dissolve into a beautiful, subtle tint which can be built up to an opaque colour. I’ve been wearing ‘Cake’ since I received it and its a great colour for everyday wear, but would also look stunning with orange-themed eye make-up. I can’t wait to stock up on more colours for my collection!

Did you pick anything up from the Glossier UK launch?

With Love,