New Year’s Goals 2018

New Year’s Goals 2018

Hello 2018.

It’s the beginning of another year and a whole new to-do list. I know that 2018 is going to be another exciting year for me and I can’t wait to get started on my annual goals. I’m a sucker for resolutions and I’m even more of a sucker for not sticking to them! However, I shocked myself with how much I did manage to achieve in 2017! Here are some of the goals that I’ll be working towards during 2018.


After dining on chocolate and cinnamon biscuits for the entire month of December, getting back into working out will surely be at the top of everybody’s priority list! As sickening as it sounds, I absolutely love exercising. I always try and make a conscious effort to fit in some exercise everyday. Whether it’s a full home workout or just a simple walk around the block, it’s all doing wonders for your body. And after scoffing half of the world’s contents of Christmas confectioneries, I’d really appreciate my figure back!

Trade Coffee For Water//

2017 saw the formation of an unhealthy relationship between me and coffee. I was drinking several cups a day and completely forgetting to top myself up with water as I was going along. This caused a WHOLE multitude of problems such as dehydrated skin and dehydration in general. Not pretty. However, like alcohol, I’ve learnt that coffee needs to be consumed in moderation. So this year, I’ve made a pact with myself that for how ever many cups of coffee I drink, I will drink equally the same amount of water per day. Hopefully I remember to do this!

Eat Cleaner//

Alongside trying to drink more water, I’m also going to try replacing some of the foods that I eat with cleaner, healthier substitutes. After spending some time learning about clean eating and processed foods, I’ve noticed just how many processed foods I consume within a day. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot. And It can’t be any good for my body.

I’ve spent the last few weeks with my head in my cupboards thinking up ways that I can reduce the amount of processed foods I consume. Realistically, there is no way that I could possibly cut out processed foods for good. I’m a human and love my junk food far too much to let it go permanently. But what I can do is make small changes by swapping some of the processed foods that I would normally reach for for a cleaner alternative. I’m sure that it will be better for the environment and kinder to my body too.


I’ll just come right out and say that I’m terrible with saving money. I always have been and probably always will be, but a girl can try. Nonetheless, me and David have decided to make a conscious effort to save this year. We aren’t saving towards any specific, but we hope that what we do save will go towards something good for us in the future whether it be a new car, a wedding, or even purchasing our first house. Who knows! *hint hint*

Grow My Blog & Social Media//

It’s been such an amazing year for blogging for me. I’ve met so many new faces, discovered so many new products, and had a total blast creating content for my social platforms. I’ve been way more creative than I’ve been in years and I’m so proud of myself for that. I’m also so proud of myself for putting myself out there into the big wide world of social media. I was never a huge lover of Instagram and Twitter until I started blogging, but now it’s a daily addiction. My social platforms have grown so much already in the space of a year, but I hope to grow them even further in the year of 2018. I’m so excited and so ready to get cracking on more content for the many months ahead.

Develop My Photography Skills//

My photography skills have come a long, long way since starting blogging a year ago. My photos are nowhere near perfect, but I think that’s often the beauty of blogging. We’re just regular people chatting about the things that make us happy. Whether that be beauty products, lifestyle tips, or our favorite foods. But next year I really want to spend more time perfecting my shots and create content that I’m proud to look at. And not look back at in a few months time and wince! We all know that we’ve done it!

Do you have any resolutions?

  • I’ve been free of coffee for a month, and am now just getting back to it. It was so nice to just have a little cleanse! Plus tea is cheaper… Love the picture! xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine