Homeware Haul & House Update

Homeware Haul & House Update

I still can’t get over the fact that we finally have our own place. I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure that I’m not dreaming! Having a place to ourselves was a huge goal for us when we first met nearly 4 years ago, so to be finally fulfilling that dream is a total blessing and I am forever grateful for the life that me and my partner have together.

Soppyness aside, we’ve now spent just over one month living in our new home and I have to admit, I’m bloody loving every minute of it (sorry Mum!). In between the midnight toilet-roll runs to Tesco and the endless amount of flat pack furniture we’ve had to assemble, we’ve managed to find the time to accumulate some pieces that help make our little slice of heaven look and feel more like a home.

One thing that I wanted for the new house (but never had room for at my old house) was a ladder bookshelf. I’ve seen them floating around on Instagram for a while and knew I needed one to jazz up my living room. They’re something a little bit different to your regular bookshelf and are great for displaying your favourite pieces. At the moment, mine is being used to display my favourite books, my Blogosphere magazines, and some of my prettier ornaments.This ladder bookshelf was purchased on sale from Aldi (sold out on website – sorry!), but you can find them pretty much anywhere. 

There seems to be a completely unintentional theme of pinks and golds running through the entire house (Unintentional, yeah, lets go with that story when questioned by the other half!). I’ve noticed myself incorporating a lot more golds and rose golds into the decor, such as these lush geometric tealight holders from Wilkos. I’ve been using them as decoration on my ladder bookshelf and also using them as centre pieces on my dining room table (because they’re that big!). These are constantly sold out because of how popular they are! If you are on the hunt for them and can’t get your hands on them, I’ve seen very similar ones to these in Primark and IKEA. Your welcome.

Although a lot of the bedroom furniture was brought from my previous house, I did have to purchase a few extra bits to complete the bedroom for two people! I already had one of these bedside tables from IKEA, but seen as I am now sharing a bed with somebody else, a matching one was needed. Luckily, we managed to snag this one from the bargain bit at IKEA for less than half the price and fix it up at home. We’ve definitely been winning on the bargain front!

Seen as a matching bedside table was needed, a matching bedside lamp was also a must, right? I really didn’t mind repurchasing this lamp though, I mean, look at how gorgeous it is? They also do a floor standing version which I just couldn’t leave behind. They look like what Princess Holly would have had in her palace when she was little – I can’t let her dream down!

This clothing rail was the most essential item whist simultaneously being the most typical blogger item that I purchased when moving into the house. I’d like to say that I purchased it to get that perfect wardrobe insta shot, but in reality, it was to prevent the entirety of my wardrobe from becoming a ‘floordrobe!’. I needed something easy-assembling and cheap to hang my nicer pieces of clothing up on, and this one from Home Bargains was a lifesaver at £6.99. A temporary fix, but I’m not gonna lie, it may just become my permanent wardrobe situation! With a tad more colour-coordination and organisation, I can see the clothing rail sticking around.

We’ve made a HUGE amount of progress in this past month in terms of decorating. I’ve been loving purchasing little homeware pieces for the house and watching our little abode grow a little more week by week. And this is only the beginning.

With Love

  • Laura

    I absolutely love your taste in homeware it looks amazing! I’ve always wanted a ladder shelf when I get my own place xx