How To Deal with Jealous People

How To Deal with Jealous People

It’s a sad truth that there really are people out there who hate seeing other people succeed at something. In the last year or so, I’ve learnt that not everybody is going to clap for you when you win. Sometimes, even the people you expect to support you the most can sit quietly on the sidelines, seething from your victories. It’s disheartening, I know, and its also something that we can’t avoid. I’ve rounded up a few helpful tips for when you have to deal with a negative ninny too.

It’s Not Your Problem.

As much as we think we have control over over how somebody views us, we don’t. The reality is that we have zero control over the way that somebody sees us or interprets our actions, good or bad. It’s a blessing and a curse in my eyes. As it goes, the majority of us here are just trying to craft the best versions of ourselves possible and take every opportunity that life throws at us. If somebody is negative or jealous of the way that you are crafting your reality, then that is nothing to do with you. You have not purposefully chosen a path in life to spite somebody else. You have chosen it because that is what makes you happy and what you feel is right for you. As long as you are happy with your character and your lifestyle, then do not feel guilty or bad about yourself because of the way that somebody else views you. It’s not your problem.

Ignorance Is Bliss

The best (and hardest way) of dealing with negative or jealous people is to dismiss what they are saying completely. Poof! Gone! Just let it wash over you like water off a ducks back. I’m not going to lie, Its not always an easy job. It takes a lot of willpower and courage to ignore what somebody is telling you about yourself; especially if this person is somebody close to you. But realistically, If you took on board every single negative comment that people had voiced about you or your life, then you’d easily drive yourself into an early grave!  It’s just not practical. 

The truth is, we know ourselves and our character better than anybody else.This puts us at an great advantage for fending off negativity. We have the ability to hear our thoughts and intentions before they enter the ears and minds of others for scrutiny. We have the ability to see ourselves and our character at a multitude of different perspectives; and that is a marvellous thing indeed. The jealous people around you, you know, the ones feeding you negative statements about yourself? They can only see you from one, jaded perspective. They don’t know the person that you truly are: the kindhearted, badass, beautiful human-being full of good intentions and positive vibes. They don’t know because they haven’t opened their eyes enough to see you for who you are. And that isn’t a problem of yours. How can you truly take on board somebody’s opinion of you when they’ve had their eyes closed to you the entire time? Ignore it, block it out, their opinion of you is invalid.

Feel Sympathy For Them

This might seem alien to some people. Why should I feel sympathy for somebody who has treated me unjustly? But here’s why. Somebody’s negative opinion of your character or lifestyle is often born out of frustration and anger towards themselves. These people are usually extremely unhappy with their own reality and are directing their own frustration onto you in order to somehow make their own situation seem better. Its an odd state of events, but that seems to be how it goes with people who are unhappy. As humans, deep down, we all want to be good people. We crave it so badly, that we often do silly things in order to get to that place – this often means putting other people down. We need to bare this idea in mind when we experience jealousy or negativity from another person. Think about the person’s current situation and ask yourself “Is this person truly happy with how they are?”. If the answer is no, then we should feel sympathy for them. This does’t mean excusing the way that they have treated you, but bare it in mind when processing and dealing with the way that they react towards you and your lifestyle. These people are often the ones who are in need of the most love.

I hope this post will help some for you dealing with a similar issue. Even if your not dealing with it right now, I hope I’ve equip you with enough tools to fend off any future negativity coming your way from the army of the jealous! There are always going to be people who want what you have, and vise versa. But its all about treating people with kindness, regardless of how you see them or how they see you. Kindness is key!

With Love Always,