The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

“If everybody had the same mentality and only purchased products that they were familiar with, how would smaller businesses get the opportunity to grow?”

Picture this: 7am. Your in your bathroom washing your face, preparing for the day ahead, until you realise “oh shoot- I’ve ran out of my cleanser”. You knee-jerk reaction is to put a reminder in your phone or on your shopping list to remember to pick up another one. I bet that your cleanser is most likely purchased from a big named label such as Boots, Superdrug, etc. Am I right? That’s standard really; thats where I’d usually go too.

This isn’t a bad thing. We naturally gravitate towards big brand names and labels as a form of safety net. They’ve created trust in us through the quality of their products and their use of marketing for those products. For example: We may repurchase a product because we have purchased from them in the past and really liked their products, we have heard that that particular brand is good, or we may simply recognise the logo and feel confident in purchasing from them (yes – that’s a real thing. Psychological research suggests that we trust a brand more if we see their logo or branding more frequently).

All of those reasons are not bad reasons to purchase from a company. I get it; You want to make sure that your hard-earned cash is going into something that your going to love. But if everybody had the same mentality and only purchased products that they were familiar with, how would smaller businesses get the opportunity to grow? The truth is that Boots and Superdrug can only stock so many brands under their label, so think about how many other awesome brands are out there, on their grind, creating beautiful products and not getting nearly enough of the recognition that they deserve. We can ALL change this.

Before anybody gets all antsy, I’m definitely NOT telling you to stop purchasing from big named labels. If you love a product from a chain store, then that’s totally cool. Keep buying it, its not a problem. I’m just suggesting that when deciding to make a purchase, our knee-jerk reaction shouldn’t always be to look on the high-street. Instead, we should turn our attention towards smaller, local businesses who are creating equally, if not BETTER products.

This time, when I ran out of my cleanser I purchased from a chain store, I decided to hold off on repurchasing it and shop around locally for a replacement one instead. I ended up finding this Handmade Melting Cleanser from a small, local business in Yorkshire. They stocked handmade skincare, toiletries, perfumes, and much much more. All of their products are made form old apothecary recipes from the 1900’s and are packed full of natural ingredients that do wonders on our skin.  Alongside the cleanser, I also picked up a Rosewater Day Cream which was equally as fantastic. And whats more, all of the skincare products they made were under £10! I was blown away, not only by the price, but by the quality and love that has gone into each product. Taking those two products home with me felt far more special than just chucking my usual, mass produced cleanser into my shopping trolley and going about my day.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be that you look around for more local businesses in your area. I know I’ve used skincare as an example in this post, but the same principle applies for smaller businesses selling stocks such as homemade stationary, pottery, poems, or even coffee! These hard-working business owners have poured their heart and soul into producing their products, the least we could do is share that love with them and try their products. Like I said, mass-produced products are just as good, don’t ever feel bad for purchasing from them. But try not to let their familiarity overshadow small, local businesses that are just as badass.

Try it; you might discover your next favourite product.

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  • LuxeBudget

    Agree!!! It’s so so important to support local businesses. Great article!

  • No Time 2 Nap

    Great reminder to support local businesses. When you support local business, you are helping to support local families. And i would much rather support local families, over corporations. I have a HUGE collection of handmade, custom birdhouses. They were a little expensive, but you will not find them at any chain store. The business owner, knows my family by name, you will not find that at (most) corporations either.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    So true. Local businesses are often the better businesses. I know this especially since I want to start a business myself