Top Beauty Discoveries of 2017

Top Beauty Discoveries of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at all the wonderful beauty discoveries I’ve made over the past year.

I was quite surprised at how many new products I’d tried this year and ended up loving.  These are the products that have earned a permanent spot in my make-up bag and are reached for on an almost everyday basis. Without further ado, here is a round-up of my top beauty discoveries of the year.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye-shadows//

This has to be my favorite beauty discovery of the year. I purchased my first CT eye-shadow palette earlier in the year and was blown away by the quality of the eye-shadows. They’re super pigmented, blend together seamlessly, and come in some very unique shades. But what I loved most about them was they’re staying power. From my other skincare posts, you’ll know that I have quite oily skin which can be problematic when attempting to keep eye-shadow on! For me, eye-shadow primers don’t always do the trick and somehow, my eye-shadow always seems to crease.

But creasing isn’t a problem for me when I use CT eye-shadows. They do not, I repeat, do not budge. And that is without an eye-shadow primer too! I can throw on a few colors, rush out of the door, come back 5 hours later and my eye look will still be intact. This is complete madness for oily-skinned girls. I don’t know what type of magic Charlotte sprinkles into her eye-shadow formula to keep them on for so long, but I’m loving it and have been all year. In fact, I’ve very rarely worn any other shadows except for these ones. So far, I have the Dolce Vita palette and the Instant Look in a Palette. I will most definitely be adding to the collection in 2018.

Hourglass Blushes//

After picking up my first Hourglass blush this year, I’m completely converted. Although they have a high price point, the quality is unbelievable. I picked up the shade ‘Luminous Flush’ which is a pretty mauve pink colour and I’ve used it almost every day since purchasing. What I love most about them is the subtle ‘glowing-from-within’ vibe that they give your skin. Unlike other blushes with highlighter in, the glitter is so finely milled that it a beautiful, natural healthy glow. I think we all need a bit of that in our lives, right? You can see why this brand is so popular for bridal make-up. The blushes come in lots of other gorgeous shades which I’m yet to add to my collection.

Pixi Correction Concentrate//

Around March time, I was suffering with awful dark circles under my eyes. Most probably stress-induced or from lack of sleep – who knows! Either way, concealer alone wasn’t enough and I needed something to counteract the darkness to make me look more awake. I picked this up on a whim and have loved it ever since. It’s a very light, creamy formula that dries to a matte finish on your under-eye area. It’s not heavy or cakey making it perfect for applying underneath your concealer.

Other reviews I’ve seen of this product claim that it’s not pigmented enough or that it isn’t as good as the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I think it’s all personal preference really. For me, I happen to like the fact that it isn’t overly pigmented. I usually apply concealer over it and it does the job of counteracting the dark circle situation. But also, when I opt for a minimal make-up look (which is most days) I don’t want my under eyes to look ‘too corrected’. I like it to look like skin, which this product does well. It’s a great, affordable corrector if you’re in the market for one.

The Ordinary Foundations//

By now, everybody and their mothers have heard about The Ordinary. Their products are packed full of all sorts of acids, peptides, and natural goodness to help correct and soothe your skin. Their products are stripped of any unnecessary chemicals and ingredients and leave behind the raw, ordinary ingredients that produce the best results on your skin. What makes this brand so popular is their price point. The majority of their products are under £10 making them incredibly affordable! After discovering this year that they did foundations, I decided to give them a try.

I tried out both foundations which are the Serum Foundation and the Coverage Foundation. Both of these I loved. I was really impressed with the extensive colour options which focused not only on the shade, but on the undertones of your skin too. They both sit very nicely on the skin and have a very long staying power. And for £5.90 you can’t go wrong. You can’t even get a decent foundation in the drugstore for that price! I’m impressed.

Giorgio Armani Mascara//

I ended up getting this full-sized mascara as a free gift when purchasing a large bottle of my favorite perfume ‘SI’. I’d never tried anything from the Armani beauty range but I had high hopes considering how much I love their perfumes. The mascara didn’t disappoint and has definitely become a favorite since trying it.

The consistency isn’t too watery and not too thick so it creates the perfect natural, long and non-clumpy lashes. It’s also really easy to build up to create much bolder lashes for nights out or events. Although it isn’t advertised as waterproof, I’ve never had an issue with it running or transferring onto my lids or under eye. It’s a great all-rounder and perfect for any occasion. Sadly, mine has now run out and I desperately need to purchase a new one. I’m having withdrawal symptoms without it!

Glossier Boy Brow//

I’ve harped on about this product in so many posts already. Because I know your time is precious, I’ll keep it short and sweet. This is a tinted brow gel that adds colour and fullness to your brows whilst keeping them looking on the more natural side. It’s very similar to the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ in appearance but very different in formula. Because it leans more towards the natural looking side, it’s the perfect addition to your minimal make-up routine. It’s a true one-step wonder.

Eyeko Eyeliner//

I’m a big fan of Eyeko products, especially their Black Magic Mascara which I used for years! I picked up this eyeliner on a whim when I was in the market for a new one and was shocked at how easy it is to use. Other felt liners I’ve used in the past have either been too stiff, to flimsy to work with, or ended up splitting at the ends. I have had none of these problems with this one; this one is so easy to work with. The formula is incredibly pigmented and shape and firmness of the nib helps to minimize mistakes. Somehow, I always manage to get a perfect wing with it. It’s far better than other higher end eyeliners that I’ve used. I can’t imagine myself using anything else now.

Did you discover anything new in 2017?

All products mentioned in this post have been purchased by myself unless stated otherwise. 
  • I need to get my hands on one of the Ordinary foundations! The sound like such great value for money! Beautiful photo! xx

    Dany | Danielle Reine