My Weekend Favourites

My Weekend Favourites

Aaaah, the weekend.

As somebody who has worked in retail since the age of 16 (yeah, I know right!), I can’t say that I’ve ever looked forward to the weekend. Most people without jobs or working full-time can fully appreciate those two days off by doing things they love such as heading off to the pub, meeting up with friends and loved ones, or even decorating the house. You know, each to their own I suppose. But for me, I’ve learnt to associate weekends with long hours, tired feet, and complaining customers. Not a good combo as you can see. But since I’ve been working my butt off over summer during the weekdays, I’ve been given the gift of a weekend off.

“A weekend, you say?! What in gods name is that?!” was the phrase that ran through my head when I saw my rotor suggesting that I had a weekend free. Now that I have this new-mangled thing called a ‘weekend’, what on earth should I do with it? I sure don’t want to waste it doing nothing, so like everybody else, I’ll do everything that I love but never have time to do during the working week!

Coffee Shop Stop

There is nothing I love more than a good cup of coffee. There is also nothing I love more than sitting in a cute, little coffee shop with a good cup of coffee. Oh yeah, that’s the dream right there. One of my fave things to do when I have some time at the weekend is to find a small, independent coffee shop somewhere tucked away in the centre of town and sit in there, watching the world for a while with a hot cup of coffee. I just find this so relaxing, its gives me an excuse to just sit and be with myself and my thoughts for a while after a hectic week. There is something truly magical about a coffee shop, don’t you agree?

Floral Run

It goes without saying that fresh flowers and plants are an absolute staple in my house. Growing up in a household with a mother as a Florist, having fresh punch of flowers in the house has always been second nature to me. With so many gorgeous flower shops and green grocers outside of my doorstep selling stunning bouquets, its hard not to stop by and pick a bunch up for the dining room table!

Loved Ones

Weekends are made to be spent with the ones that we love the most, right? I used to LOVE spending my Sunday’s at my Nanna and Grandad’s house; especially in Summer. The whole family would come round to see each other each week. We’d gorge ourselves in a Sunday roast, catch up about our pretty uneventful weeks, and then sit watching the tele until it was time to go home and get ready for school the next day. Bliss. Nowadays, I don’t get that opportunity much anymore (partly because I’m not at school anymore!). I’m either too busy working or doing other things to fit in the time to see my family. It’s sad now I think about it. Whenever I do have some free time, I make it a priority to get my butt in gear and go to see my family. I always come away feeling refreshed and renewed for the week ahead.

How do you love to spend your weekends? If your interested in where I got my outfit from head over to my Instagram (@asprigofholly_) where everything will link everything

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