Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, it’s time to switch up my skincare routine. Here are some of products I use to prep my skin for the colder months ahead.

Oils and Serums

Oils are my favourite way of adding a boost of hydration into your skincare routine. My skin is incredibly dehydrated and dry during this time of year, so any form of hydration is welcomed. My favourite oil for boosting hydration is Organic Rose-Hip Oil. Organic Rose-Hip is an effective and natural way to boost hydration and is ideal for reducing redness and calming blemish-prone skin. I like to add a few drops of Organic Rose-Hip Oil into my moisturiser in the evening for an added boost of moisture. Alternatively, if my skin is extremely dry, I will add the oil to my moisturiser during the day too.

Alongside using oils, I also like to use serums to correct any skin issues I may be having during the colder months. The Christmas festivities and party season can really take their toll on my skin’s appearance. Although there’s nothing wrong with indulging on a bottle or two of red wine and a decent sized cheese board once in a while, our skin doesn’t always take too kindly to it. From experience, (hey-we aren’t judging here) my blemishes are at their worst during the festive period. Spoilt sports.

To correct this, I will use serums geared towards calming breakouts, reducing redness, and overall reducing blemishes. My best men for the job are the Glossier Super Pure and the Deicem Hylamide Sensitive Fix Booster. I tend to apply Super Pure before applying moisturiser whereas the Hylamide Sensitive Fix Booster is intended to be used adjunct with my moisturiser. Both work wonders for reducing my blemishes during the winter.

Ultra-Hydrating Moisturisers

As you will probably know from reading my other skincare posts, I’m typically a combination/oily girl. But when winter arrives, my typical oily skin becomes a very distant memory. The colder weather tends to leave my skin feeling dry, dehydrated, and often pretty sore too. Ultra-hydrating moisturisers are a must for restoring moisture lost to the cold weather and avoiding any nasty visible dry patches. Not a good look.

During the day time, I’m currently using the January Labs Moisture Balancing Lotion which I mentioned in my Black Friday Haul. It’s a light lotion that’s packed full of essential oils for lasting hydration throughout the day. It’s sinks into the skin quickly and creates a perfect, hydrating base for make-up. For moisturising during the winter evenings, I like to use my trusty Nivea Night Cream for Dry and Sensitive Skin. I’ve used this for years and have never found another night cream as hydrating. After application, I wake up to clear, supple, and hydrated skin which is everything that I’m needing in winter!

Hydrating Cleansers

As cleansers are the worst culprit for stripping the skin of excess oils, it’s important to find one to use during the winter that conditions whilst it cleanses. My top picks for this are the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser.

The hot cloth cleanser comes in a cream form that you can apply to the wet or dry skin. During the winter I tend to apply it to dry skin so that my skin can soak up as much moisture form the cream as possible. You can then remove it with a hot cloth and you’re left with a clear and hydrated complexion. However, on a daily basis I like using the milk jelly cleanser. It’s your basic, everyday gel cleanser with a difference. Unlike other gel cleansers, this one doesn’t leave your skin tight and uncomfortable. My skin always feels conditioned and hydrated after using it which is ideal for the winter. Nobody enjoys that awful, tight feeling after washing your face so these cleansers will help to avoid that.

What are your favourite products for the winter?


  • ah im similar to you, my skin is quite oily throughout the year and it suddenly hits december and it goes NOPE and dries up! ive been using a body shop intense moisturizing night cream which smells amazing an dhas been working wonders recently!

    really want to try the glossier cleanser too, have heard so many good things about it!

    katie. xx